Top 5 Australian Candle Brands

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3 min readJul 24, 2021

Requie Opulenta
Average Price: $56
Favourite candle (in the world): “Why is a Pear Called a Pear?” — French pear, honeysuckle, magnolia and cinnamon.

Retrieved from: Requie Opulenta

Requie Opulenta is a smaller luxury candle brand based in Sydney, Australia. Their candles are eco-friendly and made by hand from premium materials. The brand also offers refills for their candles which are not only cheaper but prevent their jars from going to waste.

Personally, I love the modern and unique design of their candle vessels and their sleek black and gold packaging. Whilst the brand does offer a small selection of luxury candles, they also provide a bespoke candle service where you can choose from 33 different fragrances.

SOH Melbourne
Average Price: $67
Favourite candle: “Grace Le Rose” — Spicy rose, jasmine, berries, pine & guaiac wood.

Retrieved from: SOH Melbourne

SOH Melbourne is a fine fragrance house owned by a couple. The company has elegant and timeless vessel designs which can double as beautiful vases. I found that their packaging was as equally appealing as their fragrances. After a short amount of burning, these candles can diffuse through a room of any size.

Glasshouse Fragrances
Average Price: $43
Favourite candle: “Arabian Nights” — Saffron, olibanum, white rose, jasmine, oud (agarwood), sandalwood and Amber

Retrieved from: Glasshouse Fragrances

Glasshouse Fragrances is Australia’s quintessential example of a luxury candle brand. Their fragrances have a pleasant odour, and their packaging is unique and elegant. The fragrance house offers a variety of different vessels to suit you. The brand was founded by renowned perfumer…

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